European Brain and Behaviour Society

European Brain and Behaviour Society

EBBS conference support grants

As a trial, EBBS is offering support for up to 3 conference support grants, and members are invited to submit proposals.

EBBS conference support grants can be used to support the costs of a lecturer who will raise the profile of the meeting, to provide funds for postgraduate students to attend the meeting, to cover costs of early career speakers who may not be able to attend otherwise, to provide free registration for EBBS members, or for any other purpose where the funds clearly add value to the meeting which could not have occurred without the support.

Funds are available to support conferences, workshops, or summer/winter schools. In supporting a particular conference, the committee will consider size and/or internationality of the meeting, and the meeting must be in line with the interests of EBBS members.

Any EBBS support must be acknowledged in the programme and at the meeting, e.g. supported speakers should be acknowledged as ‘EBBS lectures’ and support for travel should be acknowledged as ‘EBBS travel grants’.

There is no specific deadline, but applications should be sent in good time (at least 4 months) ahead of the meeting, and in the current round only 3 conference support grants will be awarded.

A grant of up to 1000 Euros will be awarded to provide support for a meeting.

Applicants (who have to be members of EBBS) should provide around 1 page with sufficient details to satisfy the following points:

  • What the meeting is (what format it will take, what topic(s) it will cover, and what speakers are planned to attend)
  • What the EBBS funds will be spent on
  • How the EBBS funds will add value to the meeting (i.e., what will they help to achieve that could not be done otherwise)
  • How the EBBS support will be acknowledged
  • How meeting will be advertised
  • the meeting will be open to all EBBS members

Please note that a brief report on the meeting and the EBBS support should be submitted after the meeting.

Applications should be made at least 4 months before the meeting and addressed to the Secretary Alexander Easton (secretary@ebbs-science.org).