Results of Spring/Summer 2018 elections

President Elect – Mathias Schmidt

Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich, Germany

Mathias Schmidt studies the impact of acute and chronic stress on the body during different developmental stages using a broad spectrum of approaches, ranging from different acute or chronic stress models in transgenic or knockout animals to pharmacological manipulations.

Treasurer – Aniko Korosi

University of Amsterdam, The Netehrlands

Aniko Korosi studies how early-life adversity affects cognitive functions and metabolism later in life throughout life. She studies the role and synergistic action of stress, nutrition, metabolic signals and inflammation in this programming, using animal models, dietary interventions and various metabolic and immune challenges to answer her question.

Ordinary Member – Anastasia Christakou

University of Reading, UK

Anastasia Christakou uses human imaging alongside mathematical modeling, informed by in silico and animal experiments, to pursue a broad molecules-to-mind perspective.

Young Scientist Ordinary Member – Merce Masana

University of Barcelona, Spain

Merce Masana works on the dissection of the basal ganglia circuits’ dysfunction found in eurodegenerative disorders such as Huntington’s Disease and to design novel therapeutic interventions, using in vivo optogenetics, optopharmacology and high-resolution calcium imaging in