Fabien Naneix, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour
University of Leicester, United Kingdom
fn55@leicester.ac.uk ; Twitter: @FabNaneix

Research interest

My broad scientific interest is to understand how rewards are encoded in the brain and drive behaviour and how these neurobiological and cognitive processes develop during postnatal life, especially during adolescence. To investigate this, I use a multi-levels approach combining sophisticated behavioural tests with selective targeting of specific brain circuits (lesion, pharmacology, chemogenetic manipulations) and in vivo recordings (photometry).

Education and Research training

  • 2017: Postdoc at the Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour, University of Leicester, (UK) with Dr. James McCutcheon: “Role of post-digestive signaling in food value coding”.
  • 2016: Postdoc at INCIA (CNRS) & Nutrition and Integrative Neurobiology laboratory (INRA, Bordeaux, France) with Drs Etienne Coutureau and Guillaume Ferreira: “Role of amygdalo-hippocampal circuit in memory alterations induced by juvenile obesity”.
  • 2012: Postdoc at INCIA (CNRS, Bordeaux, France) with Drs. Martine Cador and Etienne Coutureau: “Impact of sucrose consumption during adolescence on motivational and hedonic processes”.
  • 2011: Ph.D. in Neuroscience, University of Bordeaux, France: “Dopamine and action control: Involvement and maturation of the mesocortical pathway” (with Dr. Etienne Coutureau)

List of representative publications

  • Naneix F., Darlot F., De Smedt-Peyrusse V., Pape J-R., Coutureau E., Cador M. Protracted motivational dopamine-related deficits following adolescence sugar overconsumption. (2018) Neuropharmacology 129: 16-25
  • Naneix F.*, Tantot F.*, Glangetas C., Kaufling J, Janthakhin Y., Boitard C., De Smedt-Peyrusse V., Pape J-R., Vancassel S., Trifilieff P., Georges F., Coutureau E., Ferreira G. Impact of early consumption of high-fat diet on the mesolimbic system (2017). eNeuro 4(3).
  • Naneix F., Darlot F., Coutureau E., Cador M. Long-lasting deficits in hedonic and nucleus accumbens reactivity to sweet rewards by sugar overconsumption during adolescence (2016). European Journal of Neuroscience 43: 671-680.
  • Naneix F., Marchand A.R., Pichon A., Pape J-R., Coutureau E. Adolescent stimulation of D2 receptors alters the maturation of dopamine-dependent goal-directed behavior (2013). Neuropsychopharmacology 38(8): 1566-1574.
  • Naneix F., Marchand A.R., Di Scala G., Pape J-R., Coutureau E. Parallel maturation of goal-directed behavior and dopaminergic systems during adolescence (2012). The Journal of Neuroscience 32(46): 16223-16232.
  • Naneix F., Marchand A.R., Di Scala G., Pape J-R., Coutureau E. A role for medial prefrontal dopaminergic innervation in instrumental conditioning (2009). The Journal of Neuroscience 29(18): 6599-6606.