My research focus is on early-life stress (ES) induced cognitive decline and metabolic disorders. I test the exiting new hypothesis that nutrition, neuroinflammation and stress hormones synergistically mediate the ES-induced deficits. This knowledge is crucial for the development of peripheral (e.g. nutritional) interventions. I have established a leading research team (6 PhD students, 3 Postdocs) with personal grants from national and international funding agencies (>1.9 million euros), underlining the groundbreaking nature of my research. Next to an extensive (inter)national network of academic collaborators my work has attracted the attention of several private entities (Nutricia, Biocrates, Lipotype) that recognize the translational potential of my research and contribute in cash and in kind. To date, I have established a working ES mouse model, shown that ES impairs cognitive functions, hippocampal plasticity (e.g neurogenesis) and alters metabolic phenotype. I have identified the key role of essential micronutrients in the programming by ES and have convincingly shown that enriching the diet in early-life with micronutrients protects against ES-induced effects and that ES alters neuroinflammatory functions and Alzheimer neuropathology. Finally, I am currently extending these groundbreaking insights to test how ES alters breast milk composition in human.


Radboud University Nijmegen, and University of Utrecht, the Netherlands.(2002-2006)
Ph.D. in Biological Science.
University of Torino, Italy (1996-2001)
B.Sc. and M.Sc. Biological Science.


  • 2018-presentAssociate professor position University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • 2010-2017 Assistant professor position University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • 2006-2010 Postdoctoral research position University of California Irvine, Irvine, CA USA
  • 2006 Postdoctoral research position Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands


  • 2016 – ABC (250,000 euros)”The role of fat metabolism and nutritional status in early-life stress induced cognitive impairments: An interdisciplinary study using animal experimental and human observational data.
  • 2015 – ABMP (250,000 euros) “Advanced in vitro and in vivo modeling to study the role of astrocytes in MDD”.
  • 2015 – JPI(as co-applicant-1,2K) “D-Cog-Plast-Identification of dietary modulators of cognitive ageing and brain plasticity and proof of concept of efficacy for preventing/reversing cognitive decline “
  • 2014 – Food Cognition and Behavior NWO (660,000 euros) in collaboration with NutriciaReseach “Nutritional programming of brain development and function: can it protect against early- life stress induced (accelerated) cognitive decline?”
  • 2013 – Meervoud NWO (220,000 euros) “The role of nutritional and epigenetic programming in the early-life stress induced accelerated cognitive decline; relevance for Alzheimer’s disease.”
  • 2012 – InternationaleStichting Alzheimer Onderzoek (ISAO)(100,000 euros) “Early stress affects vulnerability to AD pathology”

Co-inventor on a patent in collaboration with Nutricia Research “Preventing early-life stress induced impairments”

Member ofDoHAD, Neurofederation, EBBS,Society for Neuroscience

Main organizer of international symposium

June-2014 “Early-life experiences from genes to cognition”

March-2018 “Brain SINposium: crosstalk Stress Inflammation & Nutrition”

Outreach activities


  • Interview to Kennislink about the PhD thesis of my Phd studentsKit-Yi Yam and Lianne Hoeijmakers


  • Our publication in The J FASEB received a lot of media attention among others
  • Samenstellingvroegevoedingbeïnvloedt later geheugennavroege stress
  • supplementation may help offset early-life stress on the adult brain
  • Voedingbeschermttegenbreineffecten stress in vroegeleven


  • One day mini-symposium at Nutricia research where each member of my team gave a presentation about our research to present and promote the different lines of research and current collaboration of my team with academic and private partners to the different departments of Nutricia research, December 15
  • Interview to Kennislink about the PhD thesis of my Phd student Eva Naninck
  • Lecture at the Science café at Rotterdam Science festival 2015, Theme: Nutrition; by my PhD student Eva Naninck ‘Effect van stress op breinontwikkeling’ to promote our research, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


  • A. Korosi “How does early stress affects vulnerability to AD pathology and how can we prevent it? Focus on neurogenesis, epigenetic mechanisms and exercise” Lecture for financial supporters of the International Society Alzheimer Research ISAO.


  • Radio interview by my PhD student Naninck about my research project on “Swammerdam, wetenschapte Amsterdam”.


  • My work published in the Journal of Neuroscience 2010, was covered on the website of UCI and featured in an article in Los Angeles Times (May 17 2010).