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Current position:
Charge de Recherche CNRS. Team Motivation Brain & Behavior (Co-leader). Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Epiniere (ICM). Paris.

-HDR: 2015 (Univ. Paris VI)
-post-doc (s): 2005-2010. Lab. Neuropsychology, NIH, USA (Supervisor: B. Richmond)
-PhD: 2004 (Neurosciences, Univ. Paris VI, Supervisor: S. Sara)

Scientific committees/societies:
2016- Present: GDR Biosimia (CNRS). Member of “Comite de pilotage”
2016- Present: Member of the ICM animal Welfare committee
2015- Present: Société Francophone de Primatologie. Member of the executive board.

Meetings organization:
2014 Symposium ‘Locus coeruleus orchestrates … cognitive flexibility’ (FENS, Milano, Italy)
2013 Workshop Neural Circuit for Adaptive Control of Behavior (ICM, Paris, France)

Major Collaborations:
Cécile Garcia, CNRS/ Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN), Paris, France
Sandrine Prat , CNRS/ Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN), Paris, France
Topic: ‘Evolution of primate cognition: From ecology to neurobiology’
Marc Walton, Dpt Experimental Psychology, U. Oxford, UK
Jerome Sallet, Dpt Experimental Psychology, U. Oxford, UK
Topic: ‘Neuromodulation & effort: fMRI and pharmacology in monkeys’
Barry Richmond, Lab. Neuropsychology, NIMH/NIH, Bethesda, USA
Topic: ‘Manipulating catecholaminergic neurons in monkeys using chemogenetics’
T. Minamimoto, Molecular Imaging Center, NIRS, Chiba, Japan
Topic: ‘Neural substrates of motivation in japanese and rhesus monkeys’

Recent publications:
San-Galli A., Varazzani C., Abitbol, Pessiglione, Bouret S. (in press) Primate ventromedial
prefrontal cortex neurons continuously encode the expected value of current action. Cereb. Cortex
Varazzani C., San-Galli A., Gilardeau S., Bouret S. (2015) Noradrenaline and dopamine neurons in the reward-effort trade-off: a direct electrophysiological comparison in behaving monkeys. J Neurosci.
Bouret S, Richmond BJ (2015) Sensitivity of locus coeruleus neurons to reward and goal directedactions. J Neurosci.
Abitbol R, Lebreton M, Hollard G, Richmond B, Bouret S*, Pessiglione M*. (2015) A neural source of preference instability: converging evidence from monkeys and humans. J Neurosci. * Co-last author
Sara S. & Bouret S. (2012). Orienting and reorienting, the locus coeruleus mediates cognition
through arousal. Neuron