ELECTION ANNOUNCEMENT – Call for nominations:

We invite nominations for candidates (who should be members of EBBS) to stand for election for President-Elect (She/He will become President during the 2019 EBBS meeting), Treasurer, one Ordinary Member and one Young Scientist Ordinary Member of the Committee of EBBS. Please note that for the Young Scientist position, eligible candidates are those who obtained their PhD no more than 10 years ago.

Nominations should be made by a member of EBBS and sent by e-mail to the Secretary General Antonis Stamatakis (astam@nurs.uoa.gr) no later than April 30, 2018.

Nominations should state the position (President-Elect, Treasurer, Ordinary or Young Scientist Ordinary Member) of the candidate and include a short CV of the candidate (about ½ A4 along with a photo if possible). This will be published together with the web-on-line ballots. In accepting nominations, we assume that the candidate has already agreed to stand for election.

Best regards,
Antonis Stamatakis.
EBBS Secretary, February 27, 2018