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Barski Jaroslaw

Barski Jaroslaw

Associate Professor
Center for Experimental Medicine
Medical University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland

I am member of EBBS since 2009 and I would be happy to get more involved in the activity of EBBS as Committee member.
The role of organizations dealing with experiments utilizing laboratory animals becomes very important today, when more attention is focused on this kind of scientific activity. This results in more restricted regulations and problems with design of behavioral experiments from one side, from other side however development of new therapeutic strategies requires more and more preclinical studies on putative treatments.
As a Member of the Committee I would use the opportunity to disseminate the knowledge about this aspect of behavioral science.
I am involved in behavioral studies since my thesis research in 1994, when I was carrying experiments on regeneration in CNS. After many years of behavioral research in Germany and UK I have returned back to Poland, where I am leader of the Center for Experimental Medicine at the Medical University of Silesia. Since 2009 we organize “International Seminar on Behavioral Methods” held every two years in Poland.