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FENS 2016

10th FENS Forum Meeting (2-6 July 2016, Copenhagen) http://forum2016.fens.org/

3rd Symposium on Decision Neuroscience Düsseldorf, July 4th 2014

Speakers "Integrating value: The functional topography of the human striatum." Samuel McClure, Stanford University, USA "Impulsivity and compulsivity: Neural substrates and neuropsychiatric implications." Trevor Robbins, Cambridge University, UK sponsored by EBBS "Brain mediators and moderators of expectancy effects on outcome valuation." Hilke Plassmann, INSEAD Business School, France "Neurobiology of moral decision making." Molly Crockett, University [...]

Verona EBBS-EBPS Meeting

Dear EBBS and EBPS members, It is with great pleasure that we look towards the Joint Meeting of the EBBS and EBPS in Verona Italy, 12th to 15th September 2015. As a joint meeting this will provide an excellent opportunity for scientific interaction at an event arranged by two highly eminent scientific Societies whose interests [...]

IBRO 2015

July 7-11, 2015 Rio de Janeiro - Brazil http://ibro2015.org/

EBBS-EBPS joint meeting: call for symposia!

Save the Date September 12-15, 2015

EBBS sponsored lecture: Terry Davidson

EBBS sponsored lecture:  "Dietary Threats to Brain Health and Cognitive Function" by Terry Davidson, September 1st-12th 2014, Bordeaux Training Center

2nd Symposium on Decision Neuroscience Düsseldorf, June 21st 2013

  Speakers "Dorsolateral PFC interactions with frontostriatal valuation systems and self-control in goal-directed choice." Todd Hare, Zürich University, Switzerland "The social network: How reward processing is influenced by social context." Mauricio Delgado, Rutgers University, USA "Paying to win: Neural and hormonal correlates of competitive drive." Samuel McClure, Stanford University, USA "Eat prey, leave: Neuroscience of [...]

Letter of the President

Dear members of EBBS The deadline for early registration and abstract submission to the 9th FENS forum that will be held in Milan from July 5 to 9 2014 is now approaching (February 2, 2014, midnight CET).  Apart from the scientific importance of the Forum which is attended by an ever growing number of worldwide [...]

New Members

2013        italic - applied, but not members yet Oyanedel Salmeron,Carlos D'Alessandro, Francesca Ludmer, Rachel Sidiropoulou, Kiriaki Blanco Calvo, Eduardo McBride, Sebastian Walker, Sophie Papilloud, Aurelie Skopek, Petr Knapska, Ewelina Leris, Ioannis De Leonibus, Elvira Amador, Ariadna Lamirault, Charlotte Psoromytis, Petros Stubbendorff, Christine Panagopoulou, Lydia Kogionou, Paraskevi Kalpachidou, Theodora Amos, Doran Padulo, Caterina Prete, Giulia [...]

Calls for Organization of Partially Supported Schools in East and Central Europe

The PanEuropean Regional Committee (PERC) of IBRO Calls for Organization of Partially Supported Schools in East and Central Europe IBRO-PERC may support a limited number of lecture-based or practical schools in Europe (including all countries from former CEERC) by providing each up to 20.000 €. Suggested duration of the School is one week, but longer [...]